A couple of weeks ago, the boy and I took a few days off for a mid-winter break. I decided to treat him to a weekend in the forested heights of Hogsback – a magical place where, as a child,  I spent many a weekend with my family. It’s about a three-hour drive from home, nestled on the slopes of the Amatole mountains in amongst beautiful big trees, and even a couple of waterfalls.

He had never been there before, and I was sincerely hoping we would be lucky enough to come across a snowflake or two (being the middle of winter and all). Well. No such luck…sigh. Instead we arrived to a sweltering 29º C, followed by two days of torrential downpour. But it was actually such a perfect weekend – plenty of exploring and sightseeing on the Friday, with the rest of our days spent eating, drinking, and keeping warm in our cosy little bungalow, in front of a roaring fire. Bliss.


These are just a few snaps of how we spent our time – before being rained out.
1: our accommodation at Bubuhle
2, 3, 4+5: the labyrinth ans some amazing views at The Edge
6+7: Ecology Shrine
8: St. Patrick-on-the-hill Church
9: we took a walk through the forest (in the rain, I might add) to see the Madonna-and-child waterfall…such beauty.


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